VIASYS Carefusion 3100B Ventilator

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Available for sale VIASYS 3100B Ventilator

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This device is a high frequency oscillator ventilator. An earlier version of this device (the 3100A HFOV) has approval for treatment of respiratory failure in infants and children. This version of the device, the 3100B HFOV, now has increased power capability and other modifications to allow treatment of adults. In a simplified description the patient circuit of the ventilator is a high-flow CPAP system. Oscillations are superimposed on the gas in the patient circuit using an electrically-driven diaphragm, similar to an audio loudspeaker cone. The oscillation frequency and magnitude can be varied. The frequency can be set between 3 and 15 cycles per second. The mean airway pressure can be set from approximately 5 to 55 cmH2O and the bias flow (continuous sweep flow through the circuit) can be set from 0 to 60 liters per minute. The maximum pressure swing is approximately 140 cmH2O measured at the patient circuit. Corresponding pressure swings in the trachea would be in the range of 10% of this value because of attenuation in the tracheal tube. The maximum tidal volume will be approximately 250 ml depending on the ventilator settings, tracheal tube size and the patient’s pulmonary compliance. Typical settings are considerably less than these maximum values. The tidal volumes typically used are similar to the volume of the anatomic dead space. Various mechanisms have been described to explain how these small volumes cause effective gas exchange.



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