OLYMPUS A2562 Semi Rigid Ureteroscope with storage case (A5960).

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Available for sale OLYMPUS A2562 Semi Rigid Ureteroscope with storage case (A5960). The OES Pro range of single channel ureteroscopes is ideal for all aspects of semi-rigid ureteroscopy (URS). With two sizes – 6.4 Fr and 8.6 Fr – and different lengths … Continued

RICHARD WOLF E line 8703.524 Ureteroscope

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Available for sale RICHARD WOLF E line 8703.524 Ureteroscope Wolf E-line Compact Operating Ureterorenoscope ( Uretero-renoscope ) E-line Compact Needle Operating Fibre Uretero-Renoscope with lateral eyepieces, oval irrigation and working channel including automatic valve for introducing instruments Ultrathin – 4.5 / … Continued