PHILIPS Practix 33–Mobile Radiography X-RAY

Available for sale PHILIPS Practix 33–Mobile Radiography X-RAY

YOM: 1995

A workhorse that gives you an easier ride 

Practix 33 

Practix 33 is impressively mobile, flexible and easy to handle. It demon- strates its pedigree with high quality images, whilst its economy is provenby an excellent price/performance ratio. The solid design of Practix 33, combined with its technical refinement guarantees a high system availability for many years to come.

Easy handling and positioning

Practix 33 offers easy maneuverability and a compact, lightweight design. It has been designed with the user in mind: easy to recognize symbols on the pushbuttons facilitate adjustment of exposure parameters, with values appearing on the display panel for immediate checking. The current system status is displayed at all times. The infinitely adjustable light beam diaphragm allows rapid, accurate collimation to the object field marked. Short exposure times prevent motion artifacts, as well as ensuring high-quality images.


Due to its ease of maneuverability and user- friendliness, the Practix 33 is particularly suited for plaster rooms and healthcare programs and offers an excellent price/performance ratio. Its microprocessor-controlled converter X-ray generator also allows for all other types of applications.

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