Philips BV Pulsera C-Arm

Available for sale Philips BV Pulsera C-Arm,
Please see pictures for details,
YOM 2013

The Philips BV Pulsera C-Arm is a multi-application mobile X-ray imaging system for the most challenging interventional procedures in Pain Management, General, Orthopedic, Vascular, Neurovascular and Cardiac surgeries. The Philips BV Pulsera is a powerful uoroscopy system with a high resolution CCD camera, outstanding image quality with low X-ray dosage, crisp, clear images and superior penetration power.

12″ flat panel monitors (Cardiac/Vascular/Ortho options)

Maximum output
100 vac (Maximum output) 20 mA
240 vac (Maximum output) 10 mA
Heat capacity, hu (X-RAY TUBE) 300,00 anode, 1,900,000 housing
Tube power rating, 110 kVp full-wave
​Fluoroscopic mode: Focal spot: 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm
​​Radiographic mode (Maximum output) 0.6

C-Arm Dimensions

  • • Height: 71 / 91 in (1805 / 2305 mm)
  • • Width: 35 in (880 mm)
    • Length: 76 in (1930 mm)
    • Weight: 695 lbs 315 kg

Workstation Dimensions

  • • Height: 69 in (1760 mm)
  • • Width: 32 in (800 mm)
    • Depth: 37 in (925 mm)

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