Pentax EPK-1000 Endoscopy Processor

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Up for sale is a pre-owned Pentax EPK-1000 video endoscopy processor with an integrated light source unit. Very good working order.

YOM 2007

Technical specifications:


Color System: Single-CCD color
Lamp: 100W Xenon short arc
Auxillary Lamp: 1W LED (Class 1 LED Product)
Video Output: 2 RGBS connectors, 2 Y/C connectors, 1 Composite video connector
External Device Controls: 1 printer control connector, 2 external device control connectors
Digital Output: 1 serial connector
Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth= 380 mm x 155 mm x 420 mm
Weight: 15kg


The EPK-1000 utilizes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which automatically adjusts and optimizes the color and illumination of the video signal to provide maximum image clarity and resolution. All Digital System: a combination of PENTAX DSP technology and high resolution Color CCD Chips delivering crisp, clear endoscopic images with enhanced brightness and resolution. High performance short arc Xenon Light Source and Digital Brightness Control for superior illumination.

– Full range of output connectors supporting
a variety of peripheral equipment.
– Single touch lever system for quick and
easy connection and release of the endoscope.
– Customized keyboard with function and
command keys for frequently used endoscope
functions and peripheral equipment.
– Compact, lightweight design to maximize
portability and minimize installation space

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