OLYMPUS CV-260 stack system

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********AS NEW*****AS NEW********AS NEW************
*Endoscopy procesor OLYMPUS CV-260 front plates english
*Light source OLYMPUS CLV-260 front plates english
*Gastroscope OLYMPUS GIF XP260N
*Gastroscope OLYMPUS GIF XP260
*monitor OLYMPUS OEV191
Warranty 6 months.

The machines are in a very good technical and visual condition.

Please see pictures for details.


Processor: 50/60 Hz, 100-220 V
Light source: 50/60 Hz, 100-220 V
Monitor: 50/60 Hz, 100-220 V

outside diameter 5,9 mm
working channel 2,0 mm
working length 1,0 m
length 1345 mm

GIF XP260:
outside diameter 5,0 mm
working channel 2,0 mm
working length 1,1 m

length 1350 mm


ask for price

4 Responses

  1. sergio

    hi can i have the price of the olympus cv260 system
    thank you

  2. Mohammed Alkady

    Is it with Narrow band Image (NBI)?
    What’s the price?
    Can you transport it to Cairo Egypt?
    With safety?
    What is the transport expenses?

    • Hello,
      I have 10 units at the moment some with NBI some are CV260SL what is your best offer? I can arange shipping to Cairo, I have know-how
      Jakub Gzara

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