OLYMPUS A2562 Semi Rigid Ureteroscope with storage case (A5960).

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Available for sale OLYMPUS A2562 Semi Rigid Ureteroscope with storage case (A5960).

The OES Pro range of single channel ureteroscopes is ideal for all aspects of semi-rigid ureteroscopy (URS). With two sizes – 6.4 Fr and 8.6 Fr – and different lengths of 430 mm and 330 mm the portfolio is designed to match adolescents and even more difficult anatomies. The larger 8.6 Fr ureteroscope has 50,000 optical fibres to offer the best fibre image possible as well as a 25% increased image size for best diagnostics. All OES Pro ureteroscopes have extra-slim insertion tubes and an atraumatic tip design to maximise patient comfort; and, of course, all are fully autoclavable, making stone management easier than ever.

✔ 50,000 fibers for zero pixelation (8.6 Fr. version)

✔ Image size increased by 25 % (8.6 Fr. version)

✔ Extra slim insertion tube

✔ 7° direction of view for improved instrument visualization

✔ Atraumatic tip design

✔ Long lasting autoclavability

✔ New self-sealing single-use valves



2 attachments with Stopcocks, one-way, with two irrigation ports

Item in good working condition – ready for use.

Item sold as pictured (AS-IS).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this item

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