NiBP attachments / plugs / joints for GE modules are BACK IN STOCK!

NiBP attachments / plugs / joints / adapters for NiBP socket in GE modules are back in stock this October 2016.

Replaces easily broken and often malfuntioning oem joint, restoring the device to full operating potential without the risk of NiBP cable disconnecting.
High durability composite material. Each piece is tested for airtightness.
The new attachments have been thoroughly tested by our biomed technicians and are confirmed to be of extremely high quality.


Compatible modules:






We have already sold dozens of these items to a wide range of satisfied customers thoroughout the world. We can supply any quantity and we ship worldwide.


Please get in touch for a quote using the contact information below:
0044 7935 795 465 (whatsapp)
skype: bid4med


We speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Polish.

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  1. oswaldo chavez


    I’m Oswaldo and i’m intresting to buy this part: NiBP plug / joint / adapter for NiBP socket in GE E-PRESTN modules.

    Can you please give a quote for this part, I need 30?

    Thank you,


  2. altabio

    pourrais-je avoir le prix de cette référence :NiBP attachments / plugs / joints for GE modules are BACK IN STOCK!
    Combien par lot ?
    Comment fait-on pour le règlement et l’envoi cordialement

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