Fujinon EG-450WR 5 Video Gastroscope

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Fujinon EG-450WR 5 Video Gastroscope

Scope in a very good technical and cosmetic condition.

EG-250WR5 combines high-resolution imaging with outstanding accuracy and detail. Its brilliant level of clarity and true 140° field of view are impressive, providing optimal observations in all procedures. Additionally, an especially narrow insertion tube with a diameter of 9.4 mm makes examinations less complicated, while a working channel of 2.8 mm means that almost every standard accessory can be used with the scope.


Angle of view 140°
Bending capacity left/right 100° / 100°
Bending capacity up/down. 210° / 90°
Distal end ø 9.4 mm
Insertion tube ø 9.3 mm
Observation range 5~100 mm
Operation channel ø 2.8 mm
Total length 1400 mm
Viewing direction Forwards
Working length 1100 mm
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