Endoscopy Storage Cabinet ESC10T

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Endoscopy Storage Cabinet ESC10T

Labcaire Endoscopy Cabinet is used for safe and sterile storage of endoscopes. ESC10T Variant fits up to ten full-size video-endoscopes, or up to twenty small ENT-type endoscopes.

The cabinet provides steady supply of sterile airflow – ventilated through HEPA class filters – to the main chamber as well as to endoscope tubes. The air flowing through endoscopes is filtrated by dessicant filters to assure there’s no potential danger of contamination present, in contrast to conventional methods of storing your equipment in regular containers.

Steady flow of clean air through cabinet and endoscopes provides constant and adequate ventilation.

The Labcaire endoscopy cabinet equips ISIS system, allowing the user to control and monitor the process of preparing the endoscope from the moment of cleaning onwards to future use.

Time and method of endoscope storage can be checked upon on the touchscreen and archived in the form of printout.

The Labcaire endoscopy cabinet is compatible with all kinds of elastic endoscopes, which gives it a universal character.

The unit is equipped with user friendly command panel on the front wall. This panel consists of a touchscreen, ID card reader and a printer. The printer registers every instance of opening the door and handling the equipment to assure the highest safety standards.

Access to the cabinet is only possible for people provided with PIN code. All user ID’s are protected with 4-digit PIN code chosen individually by each user, guaranteeing no unathorised access to your equipment and eliminating the risk of theft.

The cabinet doesn’t require any engaging conservation work. A simple change of maintenance equipment is carried out every 6 months.

This particular unit offered on our auction guarantees 72-hour period of endoscope storage without the need of repeated disinfection.

Cabinet is in perfect visual and mechanical condition, after a maintenance service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this item.

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